Monday, October 5, 2009

Waves To Myself

(This photo shows the same spot and surf conditions as today, but taken aother time)

I jumped in the ocean today to catch some rides. I was the only one out at Shacks. The reason others were not was likely the sea conditions were minimal for surfing… Well not quite minimal: short period easterly-wrap wind waves were occasionally mixed with some pretty good southeast swells, and those are the ones I waited for. The light wind chop was not too bad either… and the sun was out and about 81*!

All the Hawaiian Islands are under a Flash Flood Watch yet it is only partly cloudy, light winds and very little shower activity on the local radar screens… But I suppose the weather pro’s must be calculating something I can’t find…

Meanwhile up in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Pele's hale (home) the crater is doing cool things: (From the USGS site --
"This Quicktime movie shows the disappearance of the lava pond deep within the Halema'uma'u Crater vent cavity during the early morning hours of October 3. The lava surface undergoes two filling and draining cycles, and then retreats to deeper levels in the conduit, completely out of view, around 2 am." -- (It can take 30-seconds to load these Quicktime clips)

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  1. I went snorkeling today, and I noticed these beautiful high cloud formations with an arrow sort of formation pointing to the West. There was even some sets (of waves) forming right outside Wai Opae tidepools.
    It sure doesn't look like flashfloods are coming anytime soon.