Friday, June 17, 2011

Random volcano update

Although molten lava continues erupting within both of Kilauea Volcanoes active craters, the lack of surface flows has kept this bog very quite. As I have said before, I choose not to mirror the fine work of the US Geological Survey and Hawaii Volcanoes observatory.

… But I thought I would at least post this summary of the lava activity within both the Halema’uma’u and Pu`u O`o craters, which was done nicely in this 2-minute piece on Big Island Video News.

The USGS continues their daily updates and have new field reports and images and from time to time. Those can be seen on this USGS/Hawaiian Volcano Observatory images and chronology page. The links across the top of their web pages will give the best updates available at this time. | deformation | images | timelapse movies | maps | webcams |

Check out those links - some spectacular lava action within both craters; especially the Pu`u O`o crater floor as it builds back up after the massive collapse of March 5th.

The other pronounced change in the past two months is the steady increase of sulfur dioxide spewing from the two craters and surrounding rift zone, which now is back to moderate levels of 700 to 800 metric tons per day at Halema’uma’u, and 1,200 tonnes from all east rift zone sources -- levels that cause concern and discomfort for those downwind.

I’ll check I again when activity picks up,