Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 17th & 18th, 2009 – Lava Surface Flow Subsides – as does surf

Trade Winds returned yesterday Mushing Up Building South Swell Surfing. But the winds actually came in more from the north than usual so southeast shores were still not to windblown close to shore. I did not make it down to look at surfing conditions because my photography business kept me home both mornings L, but winds are much lighter so maybe the larger declining south swells were a good ride around sunrise; I’ll get a report on how the south swell actually was from friends lattah.

Meanwhile, out at the active lava flow: I was there last night, and as the above photo shows, a moderate plume of steam and chemicals was spewing up as molten lava hit the sea. The biggest change was the largely diminished surface lava we have been watching come down the mountain this past ten days; it was nearly nonexistent by 10:30 PM. There may still be surface flows we could not see further down on the open lava flats; that view is hidden by remnants of forest.

Except for random evening showers, dry & warm air continues over the Hawaiian Islands, and thankfully with that are light winds to keep us from getting muggy/sticky.


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