Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lots of Glowing Lava – Aerial Photos and Map

USGS aerial photos above show the latest new land being created at the Waikupanaha active lava ocean entry. This the same location visitors are looking toward from the Civil Defense viewing area, which lies ¾ of a mile to the east. I have added some text to identify specific areas & action. (click on any posted photo for a larger size)

Last night visitors I spoke with at the vendors area, who hiked out to the viewing area, reported a large steam plume and being able to see brightly glowing lava pouring off the outer edge of this delta into the sea, accompanied by occasional explosions of sparks blasting red-orange into the night sky.

Surface flows of lava above the viewing area were broad and strong as they continue to spread out and move fairly quickly down slope. This much surface flow has not been seen there in over a year. If these new lava flows continue we may have an exciting view as it nears the parking & viewing areas. I am sure all the Kalapana Gardens homes stuck out there on the open lava nearby have a nervous eye on the flows progression.

Surf on our southeast shorelines here is about waist high and mornings have been very calm, providing for some short-clean sunrise rides. Afternoons have had some light wind-chop.

Mostly sunny, low eighties with light Trade breezes becoming variable at times is what’s happening right now and seems the plan for the day.

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