Sunday, October 11, 2009

To The Max

Pictured above is Max sitting on a County Civil Defense barricade with his rainbowed Hawaiian Shave Ice. Max and his older brother Miles are waiting with their parents for the 5:00 PM opening of the path out to the lava viewing area last night. The other photo shows visitors starting up the path.

Max and his family were treated to a wonderful display of Pele’s magic: a large plume that after dark created explosions of sparks high into the sky, rivers of lava pouring across the ever widening delta/bench (see yesterday’s report), and the continued broad surface lava coming moving down the hills directly above the parking and viewing areas.

It did not rain out there for a change, though later we had a few overnight showers, this morning dawning mostly cloudy with light Trade Winds and about 80*.

The inflation stage up under the Kilauea volcano continues, though it is not too strong and presently leveling off according to deformation tilting meters linked above. This should translate into surface and ocean entry lava views similar to last night.

Surf along the southeast shores remains small but surfable.

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