Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Southeast Big Island Lava Update - Surf Flat

Above: Visitors walk down the pahoehoe path that leads to the viewing area; a 15 to 20 minute walk one way. Taken at dusk last night. Click on the photo for a larger size and you might spot the partially hidden ‘Caution’ sign :)

Deflation dropped yesterday but bounced back and has since leveled off according to current tiltmeter readings this morning. (See previous post(s) for an indepth explaination) So molten lava will likely continue out onto the flow fields below Pu'u O'o Crater eruption fissures, down the moutain in lava tubes and surface breakouts, ending it’s journey by exploding into the ocean at Waikupanaha.

From the HVO USGS site: “For a second night, the Overlook vent webcam recorded images including a couple of glowing spots on the north wall at about the level to which previous lava pond surfaces rose; this may be a crusted surface or just glowing holes in the wall; in any case, glow was weak but visible from the Jaggar Museum.”

Surf along the southeast shores is very small this morning.

Occational small rain showers are sliding inland once in awhile today, carryied by light NE –to varieable winds.

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