Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jupiter & Ocean Entry Lava Plume Last Night

I took this photo last night from the trailhead leading to the ¾ of a mile lava walk out to the Civil Defense official viewing area. Visitors from the world over that I spoke with reported witnessing large explosions of lava shooting high up & out the base of lava flowing into the sea.

Hawaii weather office was forecasting the possibility of thunder storms and heavy rain last night, yet here on the southeast corner of the Big Island we saw no rain; only Jupiter shining brightly overhead and a large moon dancing between wafting Trade clouds – Muggy but otherwise a beautiful evening.

Today we awoke to a still, gray & humid sky blanket of cloud and volcanic haze. A moist and unstable air mass remains over the islands today and forecasters continue warning of the possibility of thunderstorms with heavy rain today through tonight.

Here is a cool view of the Northeast Pacific water vapor loop hosted by NOAA Satellite and Information Service. The view shown will be updated every hour but it currently shows the disturbed convection around the Hawaiian Islands. A closer look at that can also be seen here .

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  1. Sparks....I've been watching Jupiters travels all summer, especially wonderful around the full moons... sometimes leading sometimes following the moon. But I had no idea the adventures Jupiter was experiencing on your side of the world! Gorgeous. It's me Gale (yeimaya)