Monday, October 12, 2009

Cooler Temps, wind and Rain for the Southeast side of Big Island

Feels like autumn on this corner of the Big Isle so far today! … had to put a light blanket on early this morning! Rain showers all morning so far and gusty winds too, but looking at the radar images for the island it seems it is only on my house, the local surf spots and the lava viewing area that are getting dumped on!… So maybe later things will clear up…. Probably will.

Last night out at the lava viewing area visitors were again treated to a wonderful display: a river of bright orange-red molten lava flowing across the new bench below the massive, sometimes exploding, plume, and a mile wide area inland of surface flows of lava coming down the hillsides. Though it was a rain-free night during the viewing hours from 5:00 PM to 9:30 PM, it began raining at 9:35, at the very time I had planned on taking photos of the large & expanding surface flows…. Oh well—next time.

Sensitive tilt meters around Kilauea volcano’s Halema'uma'u & Pu'u O'o Crater’s continue registering slight inflation. This can mean continued pressure of lava through the labyrinth of tubes feeding the eruption.

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