Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Video of This Weeks Lava Flow ~ Vog Spreads Out ~ Surface Flow Subsides

Actively flowing lava continues moving towards the coast along the perimeters of the two Civil Defense viewing areas but is not as strong as earlier this week. A great little video of lava crossing highway 130 near Kalapana October 24th, 2009 by David Corrigan for Big Island News shows visitors witnessing the last day of stronger surface activity at the road location.

I will be back out tonight to see firsthand what the situation is now and report on this tomorrow at my usual late morning posting time ;)

As the USGS Hawaii Volcanoes Observatory ‘deformation’ graph shows, inflation of magma below the Kilauea Volcano continues a slow but steady rise in pressure. This could mean the surface flows of lava and the Waikupanaha ocean entry may become a little stronger in the days ahead.

The partly cloudy air around the southeast corner of the Big Island is rather calm and somewhat muggy this morning. Forecasters call for the usual scattered shower activity.

The National Park Service Sulfur Dioxide direction map for Hawaii Volcanoes National Park shows that these calm winds are causing widespread volcanic haze, or vog as we call it, to move out over portions of not only the Big Island but also reported in the skies as far away as Oahu.

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