Friday, October 2, 2009

Rain and Cooler Temps Slow Down All the Fun

Body Boarder at Pohoiki (click on any post photo for a larger image)

Wind & Rain sure did take my outside plans away both yesterday and today; at least here on the Southeast side of the Big Island. The aina (land) needs rain for sure but all the fun stuff like lava viewing and surfing was not as nice to do… but I’m a fair-weather surfer kinda guy… I imagine others enjoyed the day anyway.

So I did not see the beach or the lava entry for the last 24-hours. But I did come across a little local flavor for you: Our infamous area councilwoman speaks up about local kids drinking and driving too fast down at our favorite surf spot on this side of the island, and what she did about it - and what she wants done. In the clip you will see some nice video of this beach park and surf breaks.

I have spent a lot of time at the shoreline she is concerned about and I feel that most of the time the locals hangin there self-police the area really well: they place “SLOW DOWN” barrels in the middle of the road, and as they sit on the roadside picnic tables they will call-out at anybody driving too fast. But sometimes, like on weekends, some of da bruddahs do get a little rowdy, but daht seems pretty normal to me…

... Emily makes some good points as only she can: on this link

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