Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pele's Halloween

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Pele (Pay-lay) our Hawaiian Volcano Goddess: She-Who-Shapes-The-Sacred-Land, likes offerings of items in her fiery colors, so a pumpkin seems to be a good choice.

Pele continues placing a new layer of rock across her previous creations between the Waikupanaha ocean entry shoreline and Pu`u O`o crater far up the mountain to the north.

Molten lava pahoehoe surface flows are now oozing across a very broad area of the coastal plains. The area between the base of the mountain pali and the shoreline being affected is probably close to a mile wide and mile long: from within 100 feet of the Civil Defense trailhead booths and Kupapa`u ocean entry (now quite for several months).

These new coastal plain flows will likely reach the sea at several locations in the days/weeks to come. The most westerly fingers of moving lava continue burning vegetation parallel to the trail leading out to the viewing area at the coast. So visitors are getting the spectacular experience of a fairly close look at Pele’s awesome power to create and destroy.


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