Sunday, October 25, 2009

Inferno of Destruction at Viewing Area

As the set of photos above, taken last night, show -- a broad swath of forests are burning up as molten lava marches through the area directly to the west, behind Civil Defense headquarters at the trailhead leading to the coastal viewing location. (click on images for a larger view)

Throngs of people were awed by this spectacle of nature. Occasionally trees would flare up like giant torches and methane explosions could be seen as puffs of bluish light, and heard & felt as sharp thumps across the entire inferno of moving lava.

The closer images are of moving pahoehoe lava near what only yesterday were still remnants of highway 130, as shown in yesterdays post.

A deflationanary stage begun far up the mountain under Kilauea Volcano last night. This may translate to a slowing down of this new active surface lava breakout today.

Winds continue to be light and favorable for viewing lava at the Civil Defense viewing areas.


  1. These are such interesting photo's and thank you for posting so much information, it's facinating.

  2. Hey Sparky , just saw on flicker you had a blog! GREAT!! LOVE the pics!