Friday, October 16, 2009

No South Swell – Yet & Lava Continues Flowing

(What the skies look like from forty thousand feet above the Pacific near the Hawaiian Islands on days like today :)

Beautiful morning on the southeast shores: warm light breezes from the north by northeast and a few puffy clouds slowly sailing along.

I went down to the local surf spot expecting to see the beginnings of those forecasted large south swells but found the sea was nearly flat. There were six surfers out waiting for them too; one standup paddle boarder guy, two women and three other stand-ups… After about twenty minutes a wave did arrive and three of them took it: center left & right. The rode it to shore, which is a sign they were tired of waiting for the bigger swell to arrive, as was I. But I bet by afternoon there will be some action out there, and more so tomorrow morning.

Out on the active lava flow near Kalapana, the ocean entry continues fairly strong and the plume is still split into two distinct columns. To the north, on the pali above, molten hot surface flows of lava continue slowly advancing toward the coast, but are still above 1000-foot in elevation.

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