Sunday, October 4, 2009

Harvest Lava Full Moon at the Viewing Area

(Click on photos for larger size)

After a beautiful sunset, people streaming out on the three quarter mile lava trail to the official viewing area not only witnessed a strong ocean entry lava plume but also watched a full harvest moon rise out of the Pacific. And as darkness grew, they also could look far up the mountain toward the Pu`u O`o eruption zone and see a broad surface breakout of orange-red lava; as shown in the photo above I took last night with a telephoto lens. A couple of days ago geologists with the US Geological Survey explored this same area, which is within the now long-abandoned and destroyed Royal Gardens subdivision, and they documented this pouring of pahoehoe molten lava. The clip really shows the fluid-viscous nature of pahoehoe. (This is a QuickTime video and uploads rather slow the 1st time).

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