Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Solstice ~ Snow on the Mauna’s ~ Ocean Entry Aerials

Winter Solstice blessings to all my readers!
(click on images for a larger size) Mauna Kea from my upper lanai this morning at 9:30 – What a different sky view than yesterday’s rain and lightning storms!

Mauna Loa, below, is the long curve of land in the distance and does not usually get photographed very often because it is so unpronounced as a distinct land masse, yet it is the largest shield volcano in the world. Green Mountain cinder cone in the foreground.

And the same goes for last night as far as a major change in the weather & skies: I snapped the below photo of a grinning crescent moon with the planet Jupiter riding along last night at 9:30PM.

And the blow-up of Jupiter is fuzzed-out but I wanted to show you how 3 of Jupiter’s 63 moons lined up perfectly by chance.

Finally, here is a recent USGS aerial showing the current active lava flow fields. Notice there is now only one ocean entry – the original Waikupanaha that has been active since March of 2008. The silvery lava across the land are where the most recent surface flows were active just weeks ago. The fuming line meandering toward the plume is the location of the large lava tube carrying the molten lava to the sea.

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