Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Full Moon Night at the Lava Viewing Area

~Click on the photo to see a larger image~

Above is a photo I took last night from the County Lava Viewing Area. There was no longer any lava rivulets dribbling of the cliffs at the ocean entry, but there was a strong plume. On the right side of the image the molten lava flowing into the sea beyond the Waikupanaha also lights up the sky.

Light winds arrived at the viewing area around 9:30 PM causing the large plume to change direction and hang across the trailhead and parking area. Even though the skies were clear and an amazing full moon shone brightly, tiny droplets of moisture fell from the sky, this was hydrochloric acid. Burns the eyes when looking up.

These light winds may shut down the viewing area today so it will be a good idea to phone the Civil Defense Lava Hotline around 2:00 Pm or after to find out: 961-8093

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