Saturday, December 19, 2009

Underwater Volcano Video’s ~ East & Southeast Big Island Cold & Rainy

I posted this photo on here once before and would have taken a new picture to show what the view is out my windows this morning, but it would have looked exactly the same!
A weak cold front from the north is clipping the islands and giving the Big Island in particular, some cold north winds and rains this morning. Ahead of this front last night we had a few hours of lightning flashing from the Hamakua coast to Kalapana.

Though our local Big Island friends, the Turpin family, have been filming underwater lava eruptions for years, science volcanologists are claiming this underwater volcano near Samoa captured from remote submarine is the first time a submarine volcano has been captured on video. An Associated Press release yesterday: December 17th, 2009

Then there are the guys who play with lava on land, like many have done here with the Kilauea Volcano. I am not sure where the following short clip of a man forming an amazing head mold from raw lava was documented at.

Local lava report:
Under dry skies many people arrived at the end of highway 130 to the County lava viewing area and witnessed one strong ocean entry plume that at times produced some small littoral explosions. All other surface and ocean entry flows we have been seeing for the past couple of months have currently stopped altogether.

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