Saturday, December 26, 2009

Maps & Photo showing lava tubes ~ Inflation Back

Okay here’s my theory:
There are currently two separate primary lava tubes leading from the eruption site up on the mountain near Pu`u` O`o & Kupainaha. I have labeled the location of these tubes on the USGS lava flow field maps below. I have added my own lines in red with black dots to indicate my guess as to where the newer lava tube ran down through in October 2009 to the present. At some point along there the newer lava tube crosses over the top of the older Waikupanaha tube. Up until the last few weeks, we had a broad surface flow and ocean entry from the 2nd lava tube named the West-Waikupanaha. I think that there is a possibility that the newer tube burned down and connected to the older tube and that caused two things to occur: a cessation of West-Waikupanaha surface and ocean entry flows, and an increase in lava volume out the original Waikupanaha flow tube; both of which we are witnessing now. (click on images for a larger size)

Here is a photo I took two days ago from the last section of highway 130 that leads to the County viewing area. In this photo I have added comments pointing out the location of the fuming/degassing of the two lava tubes described above, and as indicated on the maps.

Inflation of the magma pressures under Kilauea Volcano are up and holding as shown in the deformation graph below. This should translate on the ground as a continued strong ocean entry plume at Waikupanaha, and a possibility of new surface breakouts of lava.

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