Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ocean entry lava plume dusk-til-dark photos ~ Variable winds messin with the vog

The following set of photos I took of last night’s ocean entry lava plume as seen from the County of Hawaii trailhead next to the parking lot: From sunset to dusk and into the night – (click on images for a larger size)

Lava glowing in plume:

Variable morning winds send Halema’uma’u crater fumes to the east as seen on the crater cam

Current sulfur dioxide conditions this morning reflect the same light wind conditions spreading toxic fumes in an easterly direction. Forecasters are calling for southerly winds today for the Hawaiian Islands as a northwest approaching cold front draws our warm air up towards it. Light & variable winds will likely create ongoing vog conditions throughout the island chain in the next few days.

Because of these switching winds it would be a good idea to phone the lava viewing hotline at 961-8093 in the later afternoon before heading out to watch the active lava off the end of highway 130.

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