Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pele takes New Years Eve off ~ Blue Full Moon Night

A major drop in magma pressure underneath Kilauea Volcano has nearly stopped all visible lava activity within the plumbing system from the eruption sites from Pu`u O`o to the Waikupanaha ocean entry. Last night the ocean entry plume slowly became smaller but was still looking impressive at 10:00 PM highlighted by the full moon; but overnight the plume dissipated to a wisp of its former self.

Inflation of the magma pressures will eventually bring the lava back to the shoreline but this has not occurred yet and even when it does inflate it will take about 12 hours for the lava to appear; and its return intensity will be determined by how strong and how fast the inflationary period is. This present deflation has the largest amplitude for 2009.

Kilauea Caldera Sulfur dioxide map updates
If you are considering a trip out to the County Viewing area located off the end of highway 130, phone the lava hotline at 961-8093 in the afternoon to find out whether it is open. Volcanic haze is currently moving in all directions this morning and that may cause a shutdown.

Blue Moon Tonight

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