Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lightning Storms - Rains, lightning & thunder for hours yesterday and into today.

Above and below are some of the photos taken from my house of the lightning last night:
The lone light on the lower-left side of the above image (click on it to see) is a neighbor’s house that, like me, had their own electricity—all other power in the area was off & on all day and night.

This huge lightning bolt below seemed not sure which way the earth was, but terminated into the open ocean just offshore.

Island of Hawaii weather is still in the clutches of a north spawned cold-front. If you are reading this on the morning of this posting then you will see the remnant cold air re-creating rain masses on this IR loop. And to see how that translates into rain and thunderstorms the NWS radar loop images will show the formation of these thunderstorms we are still getting. Hawaii Island and now Oahu are under a flood advisory for portions of each island. My meteorologist neighbor Mike reported 3-full inches of rain here at Cape Kumukahi overnight; most of which fell in short thundershower bursts.

(Looking straight up over my house)

Now for a different perspective of Hawaii weather and skies… Check these next two links out! (South facing cam) Time lapsed video from Mauna Kea observatories showing both nights of lightning flashes and Venus rising
AND - Northeast facing cam shows even more of last nights lightning

David Corrigan has posted a nice little local video clip on Big Island Video News . com he shot from his car during yesterday’s severe thunderstorms--

Lava: The lava viewing area was closed yesterday and evening due to the severe rains and thunderstorms anchored over the entire southeast and east sides of the Big Isle.
Phone the County lava viewing hotline at 961-8093 after 2:00 PM for updates.

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