Thursday, December 17, 2009


Halema`uma`u Crater cam is lazily leaning to the east this morning. This sulfur dioxide plume mixes further to the east with Pu`U O`o’s intense fuming and together we have a thick blanket of volcanic haze, or vog covering a large portion of the east and southeast Big Island.

Deformation graph this morning shows a strong up tick in magma pressures under Kilauea Volcano, which may translate into a strong ocean entry plume tonight.

Molten lava that was flowing on the surface west of Waikupanaha has ceased. Currently the only strong lava entry point is the original Waikupanaha.

Once again the sulfur dioxide emissions animated map for this morning shows the light winds pushing the fumes in the National Park towards Hilo and vicinities. So if you planned to go see the lava plume at the end of highway 130, it would be a good idea to phone the lava viewing hotline after 2:00 PM at 961-8093


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