Saturday, December 5, 2009

Indeterminate Gray Day ~ Lava Coast Aerial ~ Boat Tour to Molten Lava

This December 2nd USGS aerial photo clearly shows the current lava flow and the gasses coming off the main ocean entry lava tube as it runs upslope from Waikupanaha.

For an increadible look at this entire active lava coastline, my friend Shane got this nice promo of his lava tour buisiness from Big Island Video of yesterday's early morning tour to Waikupanaha showing what is really happening along that shoreline in the aerial above.

Weather wise... overcast and scattered showers here on the Hawaii's east point. The Weather Service forecast is:
Remnant moisture along a surface trough south of the state will bring additional clouds and showers to the Big Island today. Winds will weaken and turn southeast across the state today, and remain light through Sunday. The light winds will allow for local daytime sea breezes and nighttime land breezes to develop. A cold front will reach Kauai Sunday night, and dissipate as it approaches Oahu. High pressure will build northwest of the state Monday and Tuesday, allowing trade winds to return.
And a High Surf warning up for all islands -north and east swells.

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