Sunday, August 22, 2010

~ Lava still flowing strong into ocean ~ New coastal flats breakouts ~

Lava river flowing into the ocean this morning.

Lava down on the coastal flats and into the sea has re-energized producing numerous breakouts in both locations as the photos above and below show.This pahoehoe is flowing into the kipuka forest and across the flats in a broad and extending zigzag arrangement and will be easily seen today and tonight from the Hawaii County viewing access road, which is only about 1200-to-1800-feet away.
This breakout lava is located next to the last fragment of Highway 137 near the old parking area we had until it was covered by lava May 5th and again a few times in July. One of the garbage cans that was at that parking & viewing area was still waiting to be used-- Pulama Pali is fuming in the distance. The more silvery lava in both the photos above are hot and breaking out in places.

... And those two big old mangos that gave us shade and lots of fruit are now smoldering hunks leveled by Pele.

Inflation of lava into the eruptive tube system is what brought all of this back into action:


  1. wow thank you for the pics formy project i read the info it helped me out alot thank you

  2. What project would that be Ladybug?

    I am glad some of my information was helpful but If you are also using my photos please ask for permission and a link to where you would like to post them thanks (see copyright notice down the right side of any page) ~~ Leigh