Wednesday, August 11, 2010

~ Ocean entry diminished ~ Small lava outbreaks base of pali ~

(Above & below) A cloudy morning with light showers across the widest section of our new ocean entry delta revealed a much weaker flow of lava along the coastline than in previous days. Also the westerly progress extension has nearly stalled as of 6:00 Am. There were some occasional surges of lava, small explosions and minor shelf collapses during the two hours I was in that area.

Rays above the lava delta
Small lava breakouts into the sea

All along the shoreline steam swirls out of the fissures

Before daylight I also explored inland a bit to see if I could identify where these nighttime lava breakouts we have been seeing were actually located, or even still there. The only pronounced breakouts were a series of small ones running down the fuming lava tube line in the last 200 feet of elevation to the coastal flats. There was some spreading of lava directly off the south end of the tube system and onto the coastal flats. I took no photos.

Due west-southwest of Kalapana Gardens there continues to be heavy degassing of a broad area out in the middle of the inflated flats. Around 5:00 AM occasional brush fires and tree flare ups were taking place in the forest where the fox’s Landing lava had poured through twelve days ago.

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