Friday, August 27, 2010

~ Lava continues pouring strongly into the sea ~

Ocean entry at 5:30 AM with some tephra explosions on the upper right.

This ongoing eruption of lava from the Thanksgiving Eve Breakout (TEB), (named such because it began November 21, 2007, but has generated five separate lava flows, including this current July-August event), has established some fairly solid underground tubing systems all the way down the mountain, across the coastal flats and onto new delta/benches which deliver the molten rock directly into the ocean; a distance of eight miles or over thirteen kilometers including all the tubes twists & turns.

The tubing system is so entrenched that few surface breakouts have lasted more than a couple days, and none were visible last night from the lava viewing access road.

Public viewing options for witnessing the two accessible active lava zones are listed near the bottom of this this August 25th, post

Rainbow along the Hawaii County lava viewing access road yesterday afternoon

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