Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~ Surface flows in Kalapana small and slow ~

Field lava researcher and friend Ron Boyle snapped a few photos yesterday of the new molten lava breakouts that are on the end of old Highway 130, or the Kalapana access road viewing area.

A couple of days ago these breakouts started out fairly strong and fast moving but have since slowed way down and causing little threat to homes in the area at this time.The breakouts and burning vegetation are making for some good photo opportunities for those visiting the lava flow.

USGS/HVO D/I monitors have been registering some wild pulse-like swings this week as shown in the recent graph below. Makes me wonder what Pele is up to when this happens: is she about to ramp up or ramp down this July-August thrust of molten rock?

Lava continues pouring into the ocean in one main area that lies about ½ to ¾ of a mile south of Kalapana Gardens at the closest point and easily seen day and night from the Hawaii County viewing area. After dark the plume of steam glows red and orange by the reflective lava below it.

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