Tuesday, August 17, 2010

~ New lava breakout erupts near Kalapana access road and moving east ~

So what could these people perched at the Hawaii County lava viewing area be looking so intently at if the ocean entry plume is to their left?

A large and rapidly spreading breakout of pahoehoe has erupted from the lava tube system on the coastal flats in the past 48-hours. This was happening only a few hundred yards west the viewing area access road last night. Just after dark this breakout the visitors were fixated on looked like this at 7:15 PM:

As darkness set in the lava viewers had two exciting scenes to look at; the surface flow breakouts and burning forest to the west and an ocean entry to the south

I did not make it back down there this morning to document the overnight progress of this new surface flow but I will get some updates later today and add them to this posting, or have them on here tomorrow.

This new breakout is advancing easterly and poses a threat to the nearby Kalapana Gardens homes should it continue on its present course.

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  1. Interesting to see if the little temblor we had today has any affect on the flow... Thanks for the killer coverage, Leigh.