Tuesday, August 24, 2010

~ No significant changes: lava flowing into the ocean – small surface breakouts ~

Above: ocean entry at 5:20 AM
Coastal flats breakout below:

I have added some new images to my Kalapana Lava Flow of 2010 online gallery here

I may not post updates as often until, or unless, significant changes to the lava flow take place.

USGS/HVO lava flow maps page shows the hot zones as of July 17th, 2010. Click on the map images to open their larger sizes.I saw a USGS guy out mapping the surface flow breakouts two days ago so we may be seeing a new flow map update soon.

USGS/HVO deformation - Deflation/Inflation monitors are showing magma/lava pressure changes that so far probably have little affect on the coastal lava flow:

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