Thursday, August 12, 2010

~ Deflation slows things down ~ Cruise ship tours ocean entry ~

Last night’s crescent moon setting, as viewed from my lanai.

D/I (Deflation/Inflation)– tilt meter graphs are reflecting the first solid deflation of the magma pressures in four days, and have done so for more than 24-hours now, which is likely why I witnessed a reduction of action on the coastal flats and ocean entries yesterday; a pressure drop translates into less lava being pushed through the eruptive labyrinth all the way to the sea. It often takes many hours for a sudden D/I event to slow or heighten lava movement on the coastal flats or ocean entries due to the many miles the lava travels from the magma reservoirs.

Even those huge cruise ships slow down and take a look at the lava as they head from Hilo to Kona off the south side of the Big Island. I took this photo from the county lava viewing area; this is the glow from the one remaining ocean entry.

I occasionally set up a photo display booth next to the parking stalls at the Hawaii County lava viewing access road off the end of highway 130 in Kalapana Gardens area. I took this shot from inside my booth a couple of days ago:

I will be set up there from 2:00 PM until about 9:00 PM today if any of you would like to meet me or take a look at my large canvas photographs of lava or purchase a copy of my 84-minute movie of this lava flow ;) You can also enjoy seeing my friend Bruce’s beautiful lava images there as well on most nights.


  1. The crescent moon photo is fabulous. Hope to stop by your display booth and say "Hi" while we are there in September.

    We have enjoyed your daily blog.

    Susan & Dave

  2. I think we went by your booth in May. If I had been smarter I would have stopped in. I've enjoyed your blog and your truly amazing photographs for the past month. I found it after looking for more info on the latest lava flow happenings near Kalapana. We stayed at a friend's family house for 10 days. Loved your post on the hot mangoes. Thank you for the wonderful blog.