Sunday, August 29, 2010

~ Little change to lava flow in the past week ~

Lava continues running down the eruption zone, starting high on the mountain near Pu`u O`o crater and traveling underground via self-created lava tubes and re-surfacing as it pours directly into the sea eight miles distant.

USGS/HVO deformation - Deflation/Inflation monitors are showing magma/lava pressure changes that mimic at pattern we saw the week of August 12th to 18th, with fairly even swings for six days: Compared with the week of August 23rd to 29th

Coastal lava viewing
Yes there will be lava sights to be seen from the viewing road even though the eruption intensity has diminished down in that area: fuming/degassing lines down the mountainside, the slim possibility of vegetation fires or lava breakouts near or far, vast areas of shiny new lava fields with fumes wafting from them, and steam rising into the air where lava continues entering the ocean a mile away and will glow red-orange after dark.
The county viewing area is located at the terminus of Highway 130 near Kalapana. For direct information on what is being seen from the viewing area each day you can phone the JanGuard security staff, stationed right on site, between 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM daily at (808) 430-1966 or the Lava Viewing Hotline: 961-8093

Halema’uma’u Crater
The Halema’uma’u crater has been degassing sulfur dioxide fumes by day and glowing strongly at times after dark from lava deep within the craters pit vent. The broiling molten lava moves up and down inside this massive eruptive vent at times, in kind of a pistoning action. Great views of this impressive crater are from the Jaggar Museum balcony within the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, depending on the weather; and the park is open to the public 24 hours a day with a nominal entrance fee by day.

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