Saturday, November 14, 2009

When we thought it couldn’t get wetter

For details on the above image click on National Weather Service updates

Extremely heavy rains are coming down here at Cape Kumukahi, Hawaii’s most easterly point of land. My photo of the heavy rains off my lanai yesterday looks like a sprinkle compared with this mornings drenching.

Thunder & lightning have been striking the earth very close by my house. Gusty winds are driving the rains. My neighbor Mike, who is the local rainfall reporter phoned saying we had over three-inches overnight and are now receiving more than an inch of rain per hour.

This reporter will not have any lava flow updates today, but if by some chance this clear by midday, he may venture out to the active lava flows…

If you are reading this at posting time you will be able to see the rains over the southeast side of the Big Island here: NWS radar image loop

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