Monday, November 2, 2009

Lava Walkers Full Moonscape

The full moon over Kalapana rose as the sun was just setting.

Tour groups arrived to the viewing area trail head walking into sunset skies with a sunset moon at their backs.

Sue from Michigan reported from the coastal viewing area of witnessing some nice explosive fireworks blasting out from the ocean entry plume at Waikupanaha, which now has two side-by-side entry points. The planet Jupiter joined the full moon over Pele’s ongoing display last night. The photo below was before the second plume appeared.

Warm light winds and a nearly cloudless sky greeted us this morning; even our two big island volcanoes Mauna Loa & Kea were visible to their summits.

Surface flows of lava are now difficult to see at the viewing area even after dark, but that can change quickly at any time.

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