Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bench Collapse Limits Viewers Lava ~ Red Road Plume View

Some of the Waikupanaha ocean entry lava bench, the new land formed on the shoreline since the last large collapse on October 25th, has broken off. The outer tip was absent when geologist surveyed the delta Saturday morning. This break may have taken place without being witnessed, but what is witnessed now, as a result, is much less visible lava pouring off that new bench of land. Even so, spectators excitedly reported having seen molten lava pouring off the remaining sea cliffs.

Weather: As I reported yesterday, a fast-moving, north-arriving trough of cold air is moving over the Hawaiian Islands today through Monday. State forecasters are not expecting the “epic thunderstorms” they mentioned yesterday , but do have heavy rains with the possibility of thunderstorms in the forecast, followed later in the week by a full-on cold front Friday & Saturday… Yes we do have winter weather in Hawaii.

Photo of the Day: Ocean entry lava plume from the Red Road

Photo above was taken near Opihikao along the most beautiful road on the Big Island, Highway 137. 137 is known locally only as the Red Road because the original paved highway was made using a large amount of red volcanic cinder, which caused the pavement to actually look red. The Red Road was re-paved in recent years so all but a small section is now covered in black pavement. This new top coating has not changed its local name. Below is another picture from along the infamous Red Road, now paved black.

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