Friday, November 13, 2009

Rain and More Rain

This photo above (click on it for larger size), taken minutes ago, pretty much sums-up the weather on the east and southeast shores of the Big Island for the last twenty-four hours. The same can be said for most inland areas and portions of all the Hawaiian Islands.

Serious rain and thunderstorms along with strong winds and very rough seas have been smacking the Hawaiian Island chain and causing locals and visitors to make new plans. The cold air associated with the northern low-pressure system has me typing this wearing slippers – not slippahs - furry winter slippers, a long sleeved shirt & pants--- it’s cold!

National Weather Service Honolulu continues flood watches and warning throughout the State, with the Big Island and Kauai to be getting the most rain today and tonight.
This Central Pacific Water Vapor Loop nicely shows the atmospheric mess the islands are currently sitting in.

Below is this mornings infrared imagery; the yellow-orange areas being very wet - so wet around the Big Island it is hard to spot it within the image:

A small amount of snow fell on the two volcano tops overnight and the road to the summits is presently closed to public traffic. You can look at the Mauna Kea Webcams to see conditions up there..

Lava viewing area was closed again yesterday and may likely not open tonight either. Again, phone the hotline after 2:00PM to find out for sure: 961-6028

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