Monday, November 16, 2009

New Moon = More lava ?


Perhaps the new moon had something to do with it – lava pressure is returning to the miles and miles of molten rock plumbing system: the labyrinth of underground arteries feeding all visible lava on the mountain and gong into the ocean. I will not attempt to delve into this moon-lava pressure theory deeply here –hehe - but the longer up tick on the deformation graph below indicates a strong change – finally.
We hope this translates into more visual activity of lava, both on the surface across the broad flow fields and at the two coastal ocean entries.

I was out there last night, the end of highway 130 and the Hawaii County viewing area, and the closer ocean entry lava show was going pretty good. A few fireworks of tephra-sparks soared out after dark. There was no visible surface lava to be seen inland from there. But with this increasing pressure of lava coming on, perhaps tonight we will witness some brighter activity there.

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