Friday, November 27, 2009

Hot Lava Rocks Float

Pictured above is a typical newly forming lava bench at the Waikupanaha ocean entry location. If you look along the waters edge of the bench (click on the image for a larger size) you will see chunks of molten lava being picked up by the incoming waves and carried out; floating and steaming into the ocean. These floating rocks are still molten inside until they cool completely, at which time the will sink.

The next two photos below show these floating rocks, and some of the stones are still showing molten red even though they are in the sea.

Some of these hot floating rocks will be washed onto shore. The photo below shows some of them on a new black sand beach near to an ocean entry location.

The US Geological Services deformation image for today shows that the overall trend in magma pressure under Kilauea Volcano remains fairly strong and steady, which could translate into continued lava pressure throughout the network of molten lava plumbing carrying lava from the Pu`u area eruption site all the way down to the two main Waikupanaha ocean entry points. This should keep visual shows of lava on the exciting side for visitors to the Counties viewing area near Kalapana.

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