Monday, November 23, 2009

Molten lava flowing off ocean entry delta - Video clip of Halema`uma`u explosion

Spectators who hiked out to the County lava viewing area are still being able to see lava flowing off cliffs and into the ocean. One woman reported watching a large portion of the sea cliff fall away and produce some explosions. Through binoculars or long camera lenses viewers there see scenes like the one below:

As the US Geological Survey deformation graph below reflects, a drop in magma pressure has been occurring the past three days, yet active lava viewing remains pretty good.

Dramatic video of an explosive event within the Halema`uma`u crater November 21st, 2009:

Quote by the geologists: “This Quicktime movie (at x2 speed) shows a small explosive event in the Halema`uma`u vent at 9:20am. The explosion was immediately preceded by a portion of the vent rim collapsing into the vent cavity. The brown plume rises rapidly from the vent, and in the full resolution video large particles can be seen ejected in front of the plume. In the video shown here, it is possible to see some of these particles impact the crater wall—look for several small white puffs to appear on the crater wall just ahead of the rising brown plume (about 7-9 seconds into the video clip”

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