Thursday, January 27, 2011

~ Small ocean entry – numerous small surface flows ~

As shown in the photos above and below, lava continues random surface breakouts on the coast. (All photos were taken this morning - click on them for a bit larger view size)

A single small ocean entry continues:

The more westerly lobe of lava, and its weak ocean entry of past weeks, appears to have ceased altogether, although I did not hike to it, I could not see any steam there.

Inland further there are scattered and meandering surface flows continuing to burn off the remaining brush.

Below: Closer to the Kalapana Gardens subdivision, and the present terminus of highway 130 lava viewing site, the area remains quite hot but now has only some very small surface lava breaks. No homes appeared to be threatened at this time.

I will post new updates when conditions on the coastal plain have changed.

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