Monday, January 17, 2011

~ Scattered surface flows on pali and coastal plain ~

Last night at around 9:30 PM I stood on a high point of land in Kalapana Gardens and surveyed the lavascape. I could spot numerous surface lava outbreaks: Many separate red orbs running down the Pulama Pali that appear to be following the newly formed late November - early December 2010 lava tubes from the 1200-foot elevation to its base.

West of Kalapana Gardens about 1600 feet away there were two large and bright breakouts. These appeared to be located near the older July-November 2010 lava tube system. Further south of there was where the most visible lava action was taking place - in and around the one larger kipuka forest near the coast and bordering the July-November lava tube and overtop the last lava delta. Many surface breakouts and large forest fires were flaring up in that area. I could not identify any ocean entry lava glow from either the recent western lobe entry of last week nor an entry makai of the burning kipuka.

From my vantage point in Kalapana Gardens I could not spot any open surface flows near the roads or homes, but the two bright breakouts mentioned above may be a new layer moving southeast overtop the recent flows. The ones that covered more highway in the last two weeks and came very close to one house. I will try to get a closer assessment of these breakouts in the next few days.

Above: Yesterday Ron Boyle reported seeing lava re-filling the older July-November lava tube system fissures near the coast. He saw this just north of the burning forest and provided this photo showing molten lava swelling inside the fissure.Above, another photo from yesterday of the coastal flats lava overtopping the previous flow fields southwest of Kalapana Gardens.

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