Tuesday, January 11, 2011

~ Breakouts active right off highway’s end - 500-feet from home ~

Above, taken at 7:00 AM this morning, pahoehoe flows strongly five-hundred feet due south from the nearest home, whose owner wishes to remain unidentified at this time. The newest lava layers closest to the home have stalled for now but were still molten underneath and inflating, indicating possible further expansion later.

Below we see a sign that once stood along highway 130 in front of Jean Olson’s driveway. Jean was the nearest neighbor to the presently threatened home (seen in the background of the image below) until lava overtook it six-weeks ago on November 27.Here we are looking from the opposite side of that sign.

Above is what remains of Jean Olson’s gate that led to her home. There are still remnants of that home stuck in, and on top of, the cooled lava, as I documented here last month.

USGS has posted new thermal image overlays of the present lava flow on their images page. These are really good overviews of the actual hot zones of lava down the Pulama Pali onto the coastal flats and new ocean entry. Their images page also has some great photos and descriptive captions about these images and the latest activity within Pu`u O`o crater itself.

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  1. Leigh, this is just so fascinating to read about, and the photos are great. The remote images really give it perspective.