Wednesday, February 2, 2011

~ Magma pressure rises ~ Lava active in craters and on coast ~

Tiltmeters are registering a significant up-tick on the USGS deformation graphs.

Except for a one brief drop, magma pressures have been on the rise this past week. This is the most pronounced increase for quite some time.

A defined and sustained rise or fall of magma pressures has often translated within the eruption sites with an increase or decrease I activity respectively. Last night I took a look at the webcams for the Halema`uma`u from HVO, the Halema`uma`u from Overlook, and the cam looking into the Pu`u O`o crater. All three sites were very bright with lava glow, signaling heightened activity.

Down the Pulama Pali, across the coastal plains and along the shoreline adjacent to Kalapana Gardens and vicinity, lava continues beneath ground; flowing and moving within insulating crusts and tubes. In random locations lava breaks out from these underground conduits and reveals itself on the surface: covering other recent flows, filling low areas, burning brush or trees, and flowing into the ocean.

Perhaps due to this current inflation of magma pressures there was a bright surface glow high atop the Pulama Pali last night and an increase of scattered surface flows on the coastal plains, including areas off the end of highway 130 (originally named Kaimu-Chain of craters Road). I will take look at conditions today and tonight.


  1. Thank you so much for your site. I own a small home out in Kalapana Gardens (if you take the road the the left mine is the first house you'll come to). I live on the mainland and I check all the other sites that post updates, but yours is by far the best at keeping me posted on the things that I am wanting to know. I loved the aerial photos where you added the text to point out the Gardens, the new and old flows etc. I hear the lava is only about 600ft from the house now! It's all very exciting. I got that house knowing and respecting the power of Pele. Thank you again for your updates and the wonderful pictures you provide.

  2. Thanks for the continuing updates. We check your blog everyday.