Monday, January 10, 2011

~ Lava inflating higher than house and advancing ~

These three photos were taken at dusk last night from the Hawaii County lava viewing area, which is now located directly adjacent to the occupied home being threatened by a continued advancement of lava. The Quonset-styled structure in the distance is the home and you can see molten lava across the area between the people and the home.

I walked the area this morning and noted three large breakouts of lava busting out along a four-hundred foot line of ever inflating lava directly west and south of this residence. These breakouts were very hot and all flowing downhill in the direction of the home, yet remained a few hundred feet away from the home itself. I did not take any photos of this today because the changes were not pronounced enough to be seen.

Further west, for over a quarter mile, many other breakouts were appearing, also springing from a series of mounding lava hills rising by the hour as super-heated rock beneath them forces the crusting surface higher off the ground.This is one of the many breakouts.

Three quarters of a mile southwest of the home and the end of the road there is a long swath of forest and brush burning from another finger of lava moving into that area. A half-mile southwest from there is a feeble ocean entry. Southerly winds are blowing the lava fumes and burning smoke fumes back towards the viewing area. If you are sensitive to fumes you may want to avoid the viewing area tonight.

I will place updates here if the lava moves close to the home.

You can always talk directly with Janguard personnel who are managing the Hawaii County Lava Viewing site. Phone after 2:00 PM up until 9:30 PM seven days a week at 430-1966 or 217-2215. Tom or Steve will give you a pretty good update on the coastal lava flow situation.

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