Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~ Third home in Kalapana Gardens area lost to lava ~

A surprisingly fast moving finger of lava surged across the coastal plain and burned an occupied home last night around 11:00 PM. Click for larger view size. The above picture, taken at 5:00 AM this morning, shows the still smoldering remnants of the homes Quonset styled frame and various other items as the setting full moon shone over the sad scene. In the background we also see a line of lava orbs running down the fuming Pulama Pali. Those are surface lava breakouts from the newly established lava tubes feeding the coastal plain flow fronts.

Below are a couple more images of the area as it looked around 8:00 AM. Only the metal frame remains of the home.

This the the third home in the vicinity of Kalapana Gardens that has been lost to molten lava in the past six months.

Above: the home under threat of lava a week ago.

Tomorrow I will post update photos of the surface flows of lava further a field. There is no ocean entry lava at this time, though random breakouts are within 350-feet of the sea.


  1. Amazing how quickly Pele changed course to swallow up that house!

  2. Please pass on our best wishes to Peggy. Looks like another home is real close too in the photo of the Quonset frame. Maybe M. Pele will decide for a dip in the Pacific instead.

  3. We were there to see this on Thursday January 20th the whole area was distorted with heat waves.
    As we stood there it started to rain and everywhere around us steamed and sizzled, it was an extremely powerful experience. To see those houses that are left and realize how precarious the lifestyles of the inhabitants are, gives one a new perspective.