Sunday, January 9, 2011

~ Lava continues advancing on home ~

Below, homeowner, in brown, walks with a small group she has just taken on a lava tour of her property. (Click on any image for a larger view size)The most easterly branches of our current lava flow are creeping towards this residents home and access road. The home is technically just outside Kalapana Gardens subdivision, as was Gary’s, but nonetheless is the next threatened home for that community.

This landowner was the second to built atop the 1990 flow back in around 2002, Jean Olson being the first to do so. Gary Sleik was the third to build on the 1990 flow field. Both Gary and Jean lost their homes from molten lava July and November, respectively, last year.

Lava is pooling, filling and inflating within three-hundred feet of the home and in three separate locations.

Above: The lowest section of the advancing lava is only 45-feet away (just out of frame to the right)from severing the homes only access lane that leads to the current terminus of highway 130, which is now also the Hawaii County lava viewing area, as shown below

Many visitors to the end of highway 130 will have noticed the landowners collection of signs and her table of lava artifacts:Peggy told me she makes the signs to get people to slow down and think.

I will be monitoring the site later today and tonight.
EDIT evening of the same day:
Visitors to the Hawaii County lava viewing site at the current end of Highway 130 gaze out across hot inflating lava as multiple breakouts flow ever closer to the occupied residence we see in the distance: the Quonset type home. The owner was still there at dusk tonight and her access road had not yet been severed y the advancing lava.

Above, one of the many breakouts of pahoehoe within a three to four-hundred feet of the home.


  1. I'm hoping that it will stop short, but I guess it will go where it is going to go, and we can only watch and wish Peggy the best. Am feeling like part of the community through your photos and information, will look forward to being there full time next month. Thanks, Leigh.
    Steve G

  2. Really hoping Peggy's place is spared. Good luck to her whatever the outcome. Hope to meet her soon on an outing with my Dad and Uncle. Sincerely, Theresa Boyle (Dave Boyle's daughter)