Saturday, July 31, 2010

~ A very hot July in Kalapana ~

What a hot and destructive month this has been down on the Big Island’s coastal flats of the Kalapana region: largest thrust of surface lava since 1990 for that area; first loss of an occupied home there since 1990.
(See my July 29th posting for comparisons of the two).

Above, Aunty Minnie Kaawaloa’s son surveys the molten lava razing the hala forest not far from the family home on the Hakuma escarpment. Lava has burned out many square acres of vegetation and old mango patches in this area and continues to seriously threaten not only the Kaawaloa’s but the entire Kalapana Gardens 20+ homes near by.

One thing that I think is helping to slow the advancement of lava further into the residential Kalapana Gardens, at least for the moment, is the drop in magma pressure below Kilauea Volcano, which likely is manifesting as a drop in lava pressure and movement throughout the entire eruption zone and tubing system for the lava.

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