Saturday, July 24, 2010

Very broad and strong lava flow is expanding and very near to Kalapana homes

This is only one tiny piece of this massive lava flow now moving into Kalapana Gardens and highways 130 and 137

I have been in the active lava fields for 24-hours straight documenting what is looking to be the largest lava flow since the 1990/1 Kalapana event. Kalapana Gardens subdivision is being squeezed on two sides by a very broad area of molten lava that is also inflating as it goes; meaning it rises horizontally as it also advances across terrain.

One home was nearly taken out by lava yesterday when pahoehoe advanced into Gary’s backyard and stopped within forty feet of his house. A separate flow came onto his property and burned his outhouse last night. And as I type there are two much larger surface flows heading towards his home and are now only 110-feet away. It s quite likely his home will be taken by this lava sometime today.

Pictures from yesterday are posted below. I am heading back out to the lava fields now and will report back when I return.

USGS D/I monitors are recording continued inflation. This usually reflects in an active lava flow as contined or elevated pressure; feeding the surface flow from mountain to coastal flats, where the lava front currently is.

Grass fire ignited by lava in Gary's yard yesterday but put out-- and then that lava stopped advancing.

Gary's outhouse burns from lava overtaking it.

Lava in the forest across the road from Gary's home.

Lava burned through forest all night near Gary's property and is now only 100-feet from his home...


  1. Hoping and praying for the best outcome.

  2. Aloha from Kauai! Thank you for the beautiful photos and moving account of Madame Pele's current dance of destruction. Has anyone opened a fund that people can contribute to to help those who are losing homes? If so, please post in the blog - i would send something, i think/hope many people would. Mahalo, Kate