Friday, July 30, 2010

~ ** Fox’s Landing covered by lava ** ~

I describe the event below all the images, which tell a solid story themselves: as lava marched further down the beach, large south-swell waves pounded in over it, and darkness set in. Photos of Fox's Landing taken between 4:30 PM and 7:30 PM, July 29th, 2010:

Beginning on the west end pali walls above the beach, and at the waters edge, rivers of orange and yellow lava poured between the hala trees and coconut palms and onto the blacksand and smooth-stoned beach below: By early evening had affectively removed forever this beloved hidden jewel -- Pele has been on a serious rampage this month...

I was the only one witnessing this at first but over the following hour two University of Hilo Geology personnel arrived followed by a large contingent of the Kaawaloa family who have a home directly on the other side of the Hakuma rift fault from Fox’s Landing; and whose home is threatened right now by approaching surface lava and for-running brush fires. (More on their tense situation soon)

I do not know the cultural stories of the beach landing and I missed a good opportunity to find out while hanging out around the Kaawaloa’s… I was so locked-into taking pictures and digital video clips of the special event.

I mention Fox’s Landing in yesterday blog post, and if you have not read that one it gives good overview comparisons between the 1990 and our present Kalapana Gardens flow twenty years later. The aerial photos in that post show where Fox’s Landing is located in relationship to this huge and still growing July 2010 Quarry flow.


  1. As prepared as I was for the Landing to be once again covered by lava, I can not help being saddened. This area had survived the 1990 flow and was a place where I could go and feel the peace of the old saying "There is beauty from one end of Puna to the other." The area was treated with much respect from the offerings of shells to the lack of any litter. Thanks to all you walked the ground with care and respect. To the Kaawaloa family: your love for the land was felt far beyond your home. Mahalo

  2. Me and my boyfriend took one last trip to Foxes to pay our respects on July 24, to pick mangoes, walk the trail to the beach, body surf the shore break, eat coconuts, and walk along the cliff to watch the lava coming closer. It is with great sadness that Pele has taken back our favorite beach, our honeymoon spot, the magic and the mana of Foxes... living on in our hearts forever.