Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pele pauses her molten advance ~ Lava stops just short of threatened home

Hot lava and burning trees only 600-feet from Gary's house-- his situation is reported further down here.

Yesterday I hiked the entire perimeter of this lava flow – the flow has stopped advancing and is nowhere near the sea, and will not be unless, or until, it re-energizes from the eruption site near Pu`u O`o. Inflation pressures have returned under the Kilauea Caldera; this started about midday yesterday and continues as of this posting time. If the increased magma pressures remain rising then this will likely re-energize the Pulama Pali and coastal flats surface flows. Where the now stalled flow-front will begin to burst out with lava is an unknown so far but later today, or by tonight, we may see signs of where that might be.

The only home presently threatened by this lava flow: Lava-Gary's house in Kalapana Gardens: (Click on any image for a larger view size)
Gary’s home was still spared from advancing lava as of 8:30 AM this morning–…
These photos tell the story of his situation yesterday…

Tonight at the viewing area, which is going to be a barricaded section at the burning end of highway 130, there should continue to be some great views of the forest burning and some areas of lava breakouts, especially visible after dark.

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