Sunday, July 25, 2010

~ Pele Takes Gary’s Home ~

July 25th, 2010

~ Pele Takes Gary’s Home ~

Pele ever so slowly moved through the forest bordering Gary’s beautiful home in Kalapana Gardens for three days before finally encroaching it on three sides yesterday afternoon. By late afternoon it was very evident that She would take the house on two fronts: At 3:19 AM this morning Pele kissed wood on Gary’s house for the 1st time – By 5:16 AM Gary’s home became Pele’s completely.

The following images speak for themselves: two of them are of the gazebo that was out on the woods near the house, which Pele claimed hours before she took over residence in the home. The last image is of Gary’s wonderful arbored garden; its handcrafted fencing illuminated by the large heap of burned building before it, and molten spreading lava – And, the Full setting moon…. Gary told me days earlier, when surface lava was truly heading his way fast, that he hoped She would take the house on this full moon, but he didn’t think she would wait that long … but she sure did…

… It was a very powerful and moving experience to witness by all of us who joined to share with Gary this most sacred of Hawaiian moments ~

EDIT: You can watch my video of this event by opening the following KLYV-7 News page link and then clicking on either of the two featured Video Gallery links on the page.


  1. We are SO sorry to hear that Pele took Gary's house. Our thoughts & prayers are with him.

    Thank you Leigh for this blog. We hope that the lave is reaching the ocean in Oct. as we will be staying in the Kapoho lots then (Shangri La)and it would be nice to see.

    However we also know that there are bad things that happen when the lava flows.

    Again. We are VERY sorry to hear of the loss of the house.
    Don & Debbie

  2. Wow! It brings it home to all of us who live in Puna! Good luck Gary.

  3. My condolences and best wishes for the future with Gary. Thank you for the timely reports on the lava flows.

  4. Hugs and aloha to Gary. What a crappy thing to happen... I hope that you are getting lots of aloha and help from people and that somewhere somehow, something good comes out of this. Malama pono...